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Entomology (Study of Bugs)/egg laying in human skin?


aprhys wrote at 2008-05-30 14:46:25
I am currently treating "wounds" I woke up with while visiting Georgia. I thought they were stings or bites. I pulled a small black hair out and it had an Egg like bump on it with a long white hair on each end. The Dr. looked at it under a microscope and said it looks like a pupae emerged already and it was probably a fly. I am waiting for results from a lab. I had no wounds at the sites of the lesions before it happened. A lab is supposed to identify the offender by examining the "egg". The Dr related a story of  a soldier in Iraq who had a fly lay eggs in her scalp according to her medical journal.

brian.A. wrote at 2008-10-14 22:19:43
I have just been on holiday in Lanzarote. My partner noticed a bite mark on the side of my back which caused no irritation, and I did not know it was there.

The bite was raised and about 8mm across, with a central punture mark.As it seemed something was under the skin my partner compressed the area and expressed a brownish larva about 4mm in diameter. A day later the area was still raised and a pale cream 4mm larva was squeezed out.

There were no after effects, and at no time was the area sore.

Joni wrote at 2008-11-23 02:34:40
I was bit in the hand by a tiny insect here in Florida as I was outside making sure the drainage for my A/C was not blocked. I saw a tiny insect sit inbetween my thumb and pointer finger, thinking it was so tiny, and the nature lover I am, I let it be, no more did that thought cross my mind did it bite or sting me. The site was immediately painful, red, and swollen for days. I would try and push puss out, but nothing but more pain would be caused. When I was at work complianint to co-workers, I had told them that day it was especially painful, the bite site looked bigger, and looked like it was getting an infection not so much on the bite itself, but around it. I got so fed up I tried to pop it like a pimple, this is a week later mind you, and a small yellowish egg sack popped out of my hand which didn't bleed or puss after removal, it left a hole which took 2 more weeks to heal at home with one cleaning out of peroxide, and bandaged neosporin. Don't tell me there aren't insects in North America that don't lay eggs in skin, I have witnesses! The only thing that bothers me about it now is that it was so dark out, I couldn't tell you if it was spider,beetle, or something with wings, it was just so small, I had no idea what it had in store for me... ughhhh.. only in Florida I tell ya...

lilmomy4 wrote at 2009-07-10 18:27:49
There is a type of parasitic bug in the USA that can burrow in your skin and grow. When mature it will burrow back out of you. I do not know the name of it, but it looks kinda like a long black shiny beetle with wings and the tail end is forked. The way it looks before it enters your skin, it is like a long skinny black pod looking thing, or it could look like a little black worm curled up. This paraitic bug can live in or outside of a host it does not need a host to mature to an insect, but if you encounter it, it will burrow in your skin.

darl wrote at 2013-03-04 03:05:02
this could be bird mits as they  bit and lay eggs under the skin.

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