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Fred wrote at 2009-05-10 09:13:56
Actually you are both correct. I am a Marine in Iraq for my second tour. No camel spiders do not eat arms and legs. No they do not get up to 3 feet in length. However camel spiders got their name from how they eat. A camel spider attaches itself to the belly of a camel and eats a small hole in its skin. They do not go inside however they eat little bits of flesh and blood. They have a venom that numbs the skin when they bite so whoever It bites will only feel one small pinch. If they do not identify the problem right away they will wake up to a camel spider gnawing a hole in their arm or leg. You don't have to believe it. How about you take a trip out here and see for yourself.

C. MILLS wrote at 2013-01-14 14:34:06

You are totally incorrect with your remarks about camel spiders.  One, camel spiders are not really spiders. Two, camel spiders have no venomous capability. Three, they are relatively small, and cannot harm humans. Some of the larger species (2-3 inches) have jaws capable of pinching quite hard, and may even be able of drawing blood; however, this will only happen if you try to hold one in your hand.  I have observed these creatures in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, and the U.S., and have found nothing dangerous about them.

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