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Dear Naomi,
Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I am writing on behalf of my father who doesn't speak English. He lives in a central European country that is a EU member.

His flat is situated near the railway station where corn husking is done on a regular basis. This resulted in a constant dust circulating in the air in a high concentration. The dust covers the cars and gets into the flats even with closed windows. My father who is a retired physicist is fully aware of the health damage it can cause so he took matters into his hands and wrote to local and national authorities as well as sought advice from doctors and scientist. All contacted doctors and scientists measured the level of dust concentration in the  air and found that it is way beyond the risk free level and something should be done immediately. When my father asked them to write this down they all backed off saying they were afraid to do so.

All authorities' reaction was a polite statement that when the block of flats had been built, this issue was taken into account and the level of dust is well below the health risk. Giving into pressure finally they agreed to measure the level again but it didn't meet the required criteria for this type of measuring, lasting only a few days including weekends when corn husking work was suspended. The metre was placed in the wrong place and workers had been told measuring was taking place which is against the rule. Because of this the results of the measuring were really way below the risk level. When my father sought further help he found all doors were shut  and all results and reports were adulterated.

He is not alone, he has the support of most flat owners
and the local TV but nothing can be done at the moment as the people who could do something are all corrupt.

My request is: Would you be able to direct me somewhere in the European Union or worldwide where this case could be examined and further, fairly and properly done measurements would take place and the husking activity could be placed away from the residential area? As it seems there is nowhere my father can turn to in the country, is there anywhere else he can seek help? Somewhere where this case and the fake results can be reviewed and action can be taken?
Thank you very much for your help. Looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, T. F.

Dear T.F.

I apologize for not answering your question sooner. I was without Internet access for a few days and did to see your question.

I'm sorry your father is experiencing this dust. It seems like no one is doubting that dust can be a problem, but that everyone is leery of proceeding on a course to enforce regulations.  

I contacted the Environmental Defense Fund in the U.S. to ask them if they can direct you to an European organization the advocates in for people in your father's and his neighbor's situation.

Since it is now Saturday, and most offices are not open on Saturday and Sunday, I think it will take a few days before we get a response.  

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