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Hello, sorry for this inane question but ... A men's public toilet, not the urinal. If one urinates in the toilet is it best to flush or would it be better environmentally to leave it be? (Just urine mind you).
Thank you in advance for any answer.

August 30:
Hello Jr.,

I don't know that there is a definitive answer to this. I would say the polite thing to do is flush it, but I have found others who do say it is wasteful:

Attention Men: Don't Flush, it Wastes Water - When You Pee Think About the Environment

Do You Really Save Money By Not Always Flushing?

And here is some advice from Allen Hershkowitz, a senior scientist with the Natural Resources Defense Council: the no-flush approach is worthy of serious consideration today, as water levels of major rivers and lakes that supply drinking water to population centers are plummeting.

“It’s a reasonable conservation measure that has no negative health impacts,” said Mr. Hershkowitz. “The Colorado River is at the lowest levels ever recorded. Lake Mead is half empty. To take drinking water and use it in our toilets doesn't make sense.”

See the whole post at:
Hippies, Hollywood and the Flush Factor

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