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Hi- I opened up the battery compartment to an old radio/mini TV device, and the batteries had leaked what looked like white crusty salt.  The device has been in the closet for years - could we have been breathing anything unhealthy all of this time?  Also, upon opening the battery compartment, I don't think that any of the little white crystals dropped onto the floor or my clothing - but would be a concern if they did and I didn't see it?  Lastly, should I throw out the whole device or bring it somewhere to have it cleaned?  (Of these questions, my biggest concerns pertain to any possible health risks from the substance or having opened the compartment.)

Thank you!

What you probably had was an encounter with some type of crystallized acid. No, it's not harmful in those quantities and concentrations. Chances are, that if you are careful, you can clean it with a damp rag, just to remove the acid crystals.  Then throw the rag out.
Don't worry about the health risk. If you are concerned, however, write to the manufacturer for their opinion.
Wishing you well.

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