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Floods cause Lot of damage to Human Beings Lives as well as their
properties. Floods are also classified as Natural Calamities.

One of the Major causes of Floods is Heavy Rainfall.

We Know "Prevention is better than cure".

The cure is as we know is to supply those effected by Floods to supply them with adequate food, water and shelter.

General Insurance of Properties could be one way of providing safety.

What are/could be the Best Methods for Prevention of Floods ?.

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All of the ways to prevent floods can be divided into two basic categories.

The first is to reduce the rising of the river in the first place. Floods are a natural occurrence, like hurricanes or earthquakes, and completely preventing them is not possible. Through controls on development, we can reduce the intensity of the flood.  Urban projects need to include  management features such as retention ponds for stormwater. Farmland should be sloped or benched to reduce the amount of runoff water. Farm drainage projects should be subject to careful review that considers their effect on peak flows.

The second is to protect people from the effects of rising water. In engineering design we often consider the potential effect of both more frequent (10-year) and less frequent (100-year), or even theoretically possible storms (Probable Maximum Precipitation or PMP). In developed countries, development in the river's potential flood plain is usually restricted and building of habitable structures is not permitted. Instead the area might be used for recreation or parkland. Dikes and other control structures can be built to protect populated areas, but these can just transfer potential risk further downstream, and the sudden failure of a dike can cause much more damage than would have been caused by slowly rising flood waters.

To answer your question specifically about which would be the best ways, I would say that development controls instituted by government are the best way because they can: 1. to control the effect of human activity on increasing peak flows during floods, and 2. keep people out of areas that are likely to flood, to the extent possible.

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