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What is more harmful to air quality:
1)Emissions from wood burning fire pits and fireplaces, or

2)Emissions from bovine excrament

The answer to your question needs a frame of reference. Harmful to what or to whom?
The two types of emissions are really not totally comparable. Wood burning activities generate, mostly CO2, particulate, CO, and some other trace chemicals and compounds.
Bovine excrement generates methane, which is flammable in the right quantities.
Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, much stronger than CO2, if that's the answer you are seeking, but if you consider health risks, the fireplace/fire pit emissions can kill in the right concentrations.
The other factor is the numbers. You are comparing apples to oranges, and the number of each is important. So, I can't answer your question without some numbers.
I would suggest that you go on the following website and research your question.
www.epa.gov/ttn/chief  look for Emission Factors. You may then apply them to your specific situation.

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