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I'm a college student, exploring possible careers, graduate degrees, etc. and I have some questions about environmental consulting. I only know a few people with careers like this and some like it better than others.

I'm wondering what typical work/life balance is like in environmental consulting firms. I know someone working ~70hr/wk, who often does not get weekends off, etc. while I know others with more flexible schedules. Do you usually get weekends off in this field? How much do you work usually?

Let's talk.  either send me your phone number or call me at the number below. There's a lot of answers I can give, but they are specific to your choices and the type of environmental engineering you want to practice. For example, and within the field, you can be a generalist (requires a broad background and probably an MS), a water pollution control expert (sub genres include stormwater and development, drinking water supply and treatment, municipal wastewater treatment, and industrial wastewater treatment), an air pollution control expert (air modeling, stack testing, permitting), waste (hazardous wastes, municipal waste landfills, waste treatment and processing, garbage collection and disposal), and a number of other areas including safety and health.
My career path is somewhat checkered, as I got an MS in civil and then went on to work in the chemical industry and worked on an MS in ChE. I practice in a niche, and it suits me because I work for myself.
That's why I want to talk to you. I can convey much more information when we talk because I'll know what areas you are interested in.
Give me a call or send me an e-mail with your phone number. My number is 770-923-4408 which is home and office. e-mail  

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I`m a Chemical,Civil and Environmental Engineer and have a number of projects in all phases of the environment. I have worked in the chemical industry and am active in professional societies, and am currently on an industrial wastes committee for the Water Environment Federation, and have taught courses in remediation in the US and abroad. I have written one book on Remediation of petroleum Contaminated Sites, and have a second book on PRACTICAL WASTEWATER TREATMENT to be published by John Wiley in September, 2006. I've also written over 30 articles on various elements of environmental problems and cleanup. Most Recently, I have addressed a NATO Scientific and Techical Conference on Ecoterrorism, and have worked with the same group on remediation of sites contaminated with Chemical Warfare Agent materials and othe materials as well. . I can answer q`s about Chemical and Environmental Engineering, land development, air pollution, water pollution, soil and water cleanup, combustion, international environmental problems, industrial processes chemical processes. Civil and Environmental and Chemical Engineering. Overall, I have over 35 years of experience in this area. Note: I do not answer homework questions


I love work in the third world and developing areas because it is challenging and one can get a sense of accomplishment.

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