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What are the methods to determine underground temperatures up to depths of 20m? The reason for asking is we want to implement a ground resource heat pump but would like to determine the annual temperature profile underground in relation to various depths. Are there any reference material available to point us in the right direction?

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Depending on where you live, there may be government websites that provide this sort of information for your area. In many places, well drillers are supposed to record the temperature of the water and submit that to the government as part of the well record. If you'd like to give me an idea of your general location I may be able to give some specific resources.

For the purposes of a geothermal installation, maps showing typical average groundwater temperatures (i.e. ground temperatures) for your area should be sufficient information. In most places, once you are a few metres deep the temperature should be relatively constant year round and likely decreases very little with depth. Usually, it's not until you get to depths of hundreds of metres that the "geothermal gradient" becomes a significant factor.

On the other hand, if you want to measure the temperatures directly at different depths over time, you would install a series of thermistors in a borehole and use a datalogger to record the measurements. In practice, this is usually done in combination with measuring pressures. The sensors can either be installed by drilling a borehole or using "direct-push" technology.  

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