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I've studied that plants absorb co2 in the day time and release co2 in night time. So the net change in atmospheric co2 remains zero by the plants. So how plants affect co2 levels in atmosphere?

Tropical rainforests are the worst. Rainforests are a net producer of greenhouse gasses. They absorb the carbon as CO2, but in the end they not only put it back into the atmosphere but a lot of it comes back as methane. And methane is 23 to 33 times as bad a greenhouse gas as is carbon dioxide itself.

The statement that “rainforests are the lungs of the world” is an incredibly clever piece of marketing, but it is an absolute and complete lie.

The answer to your question is that the levels of oxygen are finally established by a long term process. Carbon dioxide, (two atoms of oxygen and one atom of carbon) being absorbed by plant life and being converted into soil humus (soil humus is about one atom of carbon and one atom of oxygen) . The atom of oxygen left over is the oxygen in the air. That’s the short term answer.

The long term answer is that some carbon atoms becomes oil or coal or natural gas and these all have less atoms of oxygen in them than CO2 and that spare atom is what we breath. The formation of these geocarbons (geological carbons) takes millions of years. The incredible stupidity of burning these ancient carbon deposits or “landfills” is beyond all understanding.

We have to be at war with these people. They know it because that’s their business. Our problem is we haven’t realized there is a war on now, and if the geocarbon people keep spending lots of money on their advertising campaigns, we never will.  

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