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We live in a new subdivision where the terrain is hilly. The builder is clear cutting trees in back of our house and I worry about the environmental effects of removing so many trees on an adjacent hillside could have on our property. Should I be concerned? What are the problems that could arise from the removal of trees from our neighborhood?

The only short term effect would be IF all the trees AND vegetation were cleared down to the soil and you could get movement of soil onto your property. I doubt this is happening. Most builder do remove trees for the construction. The tree that are left are sometimes damaged by the machinery during the construction stage. The plants being renewable resource will come back quickly. IF the trees were to the West of your lot, you will see a reduction of shade on your house. I would not see any long term effect on the environment form the cutting of the trees. I would not be concerned as long as the soil is not being washed onto your lot from the clearing. IF you are still concerned you can contact the WV Environmental State Agency and have them check the area out for you. Here is their link to their contact page.


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