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we stored 5000 litre of fresh water in a fibre tank 4 months ago.
we are facing shortage of water for daily using.what is the time limit of stored water foe use?can we use this next 3-4 months?can we use this as drinking water?is there any expiry on water?
pls reply me


I am not sure there is an expiry on water.  I would be concerned about anything coming from the fiber(glass?) the tank is constructed of.  If the tank is outside, it is going to be affected by UV light from the sun and this might change the structure and/or chemistry of the tank and cause the water to become polluted.  I would guess though, that a period of three or four months is OK.

I also assume that the tank is closed and no animals are getting into it.  Likewise, no leaves, twigs, etc are getting in there.

Hope this helps.

Fraser hamilton

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