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Greetings and thanks for giving your expertise.  I am thinking about buying a home that is situated about 825 feet from a busy, 4-lane freeway.  Between the home and the freeway, there is a river of about 150 feet in width.  The back of the home faces the river and the freeway. I believe the air inlets for the A/C face the freeway and river, too.  I'm in Columbus, Ohio, USA.  The river flows South, and the back of the home faces West. Would the freeway air pollution likely be sufficiently dispersed in the air around the home?  Do you think that the river would buffer the freeway air pollution?

Apologies for not replying before now.

Unfortunately I can only provide you with an answer to the second part of your question,the part regarding the buffer action of the river. I cannot imagine that the river will provide any buffering action from pollution levels.  There is always a chance that some of the pollutants may dissolve in the river but in my mind it would not make a measurable difference.

With regard to the first part of your question, you ask if the pollution would be sufficiently dispersed.  There are programmes that would allow this to be calculated but one would need to know the traffic speed, composition and amount for this type of thing to be used.  I'm afraid any advice I offered would be of no value to you and certainly not good enough for you to use to help make your decision on the property.

I wonder if a call to these people would be more help?



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