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QUESTION: You mention the following

"The science on these issues is often deliberately distorted for marketing reasons."

Could you elaborate, in what ways are these being distorted?

ANSWER:     The geocarbon industries use the standard techniques used in Perception Management.
   Somebody saying that global warming is a real and terrifying reality might be described as a “supposed expert” while somebody saying global warming is a giant hoax might be described as a “respected University Professor”. Then relevant copy would omit that he was a professor of gynecology, and it would also be omitted that the professor made the statement as a joke after ten whiskeys at a university reunion party.
  The impression however that is retained by the casual reader in that there is a lot of doubt about the science of global warming.
  A mature tropical rainforest is not a nett absorber of greenhouse gasses. It’s carbon neutral and has been since the first crop of trees all matured and started to die in that forest a few thousand years ago.
 In fact the Amazon Rainforest is a nett producer of greenhouse gasses. While the forest “breaths in” carbon as carbon dioxide from the air; and it does in fact “breathes out” the same amount of carbon, but (and it’s a big but) some of that carbon is in the form of methane gas. The methane comes from the rotting leaf matter on the ground surface. But methane is at least 23 times worse a greenhouse gas than was the original carbon dioxide.
  This little piece of chemistry is never mentioned in articles on tropical rainforests.
  Rain forest land is the best place in the world to grow sugarcane for cheap ethanol production and that would not be good for the oil industry. So guess what. We all are conditioned to believe that “saving the rainforest” is a noble enterprise. And alas, the fiction is swallowed by the gullible “multitudes”.

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QUESTION: Thank you so much - can you please direct me to reliable websites and sources of information on Global Warming and environmental issues.

Does the United Nations have any worthwhile document - RIO II etc?

  Go to my web site There you will find more information on the problem and how to fix it than at any other site anywhere.
  The UN is not interested in having “any worthwhile” anything on stopping global warming. The entire UN effort is no more than a vague effort to slightly slow down what they understand to be the inevitable. Kyoto is an example of the ineptitude of the UN and the unwillingness of the UN to interfere with the mining and use of geocarbon fuels to power society. It also shows their unwillingness to, in any way, upset the agrochemical industries.  

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I maintain that it is practical and economical to end global warming and completely halt climate change. By necessarily must include the elimination of our use of fossil fuels. The science on these issues is often deliberately distorted for marketing reasons. I can answer most questions on the science and mathematics of global warming. I can answer the questions on what we must do to restore climate and weather stability.


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