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Hi, I was thinking about burning my back garden to destroy the weeds instead of cutting it. Is it safe to burn my garden? will it pollute the air for others? And does it cause dioxins a toxic chemical, but I'm not sure?



My views on your questions.

You don't state where you are but this might have a bearing on your decision.  If you happened to be in the UK and live in a built up area it is likely that you would cause a nuisance by burning your garden.  This could attract complaints and the attention of the local environmental health department.  They may serve a notice and then prosecute if it is not complied with.  Other countries have different rules.

Your questions in order:

Is it safe to burn my garden?

I cannot answer this, there are too many variables that I don't know about.

will it pollute the air for others?

Yes.  It will create air pollution that may damage health.  It may also cause nuisance, see above.

And does it cause dioxins a toxic chemical.

Again, it depends what you are burning.  I would suggest dioxins are unlikely to be formed due to the temperature of the burn but there is no way to be certain.  There are plenty of other nasty pollutants that will be formed if you proceed.

I would suggest a compost heap instead.

Hope this helps  

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