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Greetings sir! Iím a Freshman Environmental Science Student. I read a lot of factual information online about this career Iím about to enter but now, I would like to have a deeper understanding of the kind of life and work that an expert in this field has and I, might as well have in the future. So please grant me a chance of having an in-depth view of this career through an expertís perspective by answering the following questions. Your answer will be highly appreciated and will be a great inspiration to me who aspires a profession similar to yours.
1.   What do you usually do in the field of environmental science? Do you often have field researches or laboratory ones?
2.   As an expert in environmental science, what are your projects, researches, jobs, or activities that helps in the improvement of the worsening statues of our environment? How great or wide is the effects of those actions you are taking?
3.   In this field that you have chosen (specifically in environmental science), what are the difficulties and successes that you have encountered?
4.   What are the strategies, actions, or ways you employed to achieve and maintain your present stature or your achievements in your career? (may start when you are still a student until now that youíre already a professional)
5.   What are the experiences you had in the field of environmental science that you personally consider significant as and that you advice or would want young professionals to experience as well to grow as an expert in this field?
6.   This last question is quite stray from the others but as an environmental scientist who surely had a lot of experiences in experimentations and researches, I would like to know your views about animal experimentation or the use of laboratory animals in researches, do you favor this or not? Why or why not? For you, is it ethical or not?
:)Thank you so much for patiently sharing.

   What do I do? Well Iím the one who dreamed up the idea of using the process of increasing the fertility of our agricultural soils to fix global warming. That was in a series of lectures and papers back in the late 1980s and early 1990s. My book PRIORITY ONE Together We Can Beat Global Warming explains it all. Google it.

   Our only real problem the world faces is the destabilization of world weather system by altering the optics of the atmosphere with all this excess carbon dioxide we have put in it. Itís an environmental problem of frightening proportions. And it will soon become irreversible.
The biggest problem, and the urgent problem is not reducing emissions, itís removing the excess CO2 in the atmosphere that has already accumulated there. Only by increasing the fertility of our agricultural soils can this be achieved.

   The problem in fixing it requires a change to a system of almost zero use of agricultural chemicals. The agrochemical companies donít like that, so we are encouraged to believe that other environmental issues are more important and that global warming is really OK.
   The advertising agencies that told us smoking cigarettes was also OK are now employed by the agrochemical industries and the fossil fuel industries to ďteachĒ us that agrochemicals are OK and using geocarbon as a fuel is also OK. And that nuclear energy is more dangerious than coal, oil and gas.

   In the so called ďFukushima Nuclear DisasterĒ in Japan, two people died. Thatís right, just two. One had a heart attack and the other fell off a ladder. You never read about the hundreds that died n the oil and gas fires that occurred at the same time.

   Believe the science reports but donít believe vague reports of horrendous deaths that ďmightĒ occur from ďdeadly radiationĒ. Trust your common sense. Life on Earth evolved to live with nuclear radiation. Itís like sun shine. You need some but too much can be dangerious.

   The animal question: Most animals in the wild end up being torn apart and eaten alive. Thatís reality. The tiny number used to test life saving drugs are only of interest to the small number of vociferous fools that donít bother to consider reality. And every day most of us eat a bit of some animal. So do most of the people who protest about using a few of these animals to test systems and drugs to keep us humans alive and healthy.  

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I maintain that it is practical and economical to end global warming and completely halt climate change. By necessarily must include the elimination of our use of fossil fuels. The science on these issues is often deliberately distorted for marketing reasons. I can answer most questions on the science and mathematics of global warming. I can answer the questions on what we must do to restore climate and weather stability.


Author of PRIORITY ONE Together We can Beat Global Warming. Published as paper-back in US and hard-cover in Australia. Agricultural consultant both in Australia and the US. Aviation meteorologist and lecturer.

American Association for the Advancement of Science Australian Gliding Association

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