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Hello. I have a project in school in which I plan to make a website about the environment. Can you tell me any key information about your field which the general public should understand and read about?


Dear Neha

Thank you for your question.

I deal with rather a lot of things so what I have come up with are five themes which might help you with your work.

Key messages about pollution.

1)    Modern living causes pollution (eg travelling, making things and growing food)
2)   Pollution has a bigger affect on the most vulnerable people in society.
3)   The fact that the climate is changing due to the effect of humans (industrialisation etc)  has been proven beyond doubt.
4)   Pollution can affect  a variety of things including people, buildings and natural ecosystems.  
5)   In many cases the effects of pollution can be mitigated (fixed) so that the world can continue to develop and progress.

I hope this helps.

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A R Gibson


The effects of air pollution on LOCAL communities. I have a good grasp on what will effect human health in the air pollution sphere and how to gain improvements. I can also with general air pollution related queries and certain specific problems, for example those air pollution problems caused by TRANSPORT related sources. My main interest is related to AVIATION on which I can also advise on NOISE related matters. I am based in the United Kingdom so most of my knowledge is related to the UK situation.


Seven / eight years dealing with air pollution and noise related matters at the Terminal 5 public inquiry at Heathrow. Now trying to defend my area against a third funway or runway to you.

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