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Environmental Science/water pollution from artists' acrylic paint


I am an artist and work with many other visual artists. I am trying to educate other artists.

I am using evaporation of the acrylic solids from my brush rinse water, leaving me a lump of plastic, so as not to pour acrylic paint rinse water down the drain.

I am aware of Golden Paints method also of removing the solid with a mixture of garden chemicals.

My question:
If you pour the rinse water from your brushes down the drain when painting with artist's acrylics, do these small molecules of acrylic plastic in solution stay as plastic in the water stream, and then are they absorbed by us and sea life?
Thank you so much. I have not been able to find this answer.

The plastic itself is generally inert. Chemically, once the solvent which carries the pigment, evaporates the paint drys, and becomes inert. There are fine particles of paint which are moved when you clean your brushes, and they do enter the environment, but they are inert, much like very fine particles.  Because of their formulation, they do not have any place for bacteria to attack and degrade the paint particles. So don't worry about it.  Hope that helps.


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