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Environmental Science/toxix effects of acrylic paint


Ellen wrote at 2007-11-03 20:05:34
Gee whiz, no wonder the fruit production was depressed.  The leaves were covered with paint, so the exposure to light was cut off.  The plant's ability to product it's own food was compromised.

AndrewAcrylic wrote at 2008-08-17 05:37:00
well let's think about this....acrylic paint is known for it's thick consistency what you have done is taken the light energy collection services that the leaves provide and covered it with a thick opague paint depreciating the amount of sunlight the plant gets. Its not a matter of toxicity, as acrylic paints' solvent is water based, but a matter of cutting of the plants ability to grow.

Cal Kurtis wrote at 2015-05-22 23:19:06
Painting the leaves would seal up pores and hinder the leaves functions for the plant. Leaves could no longer let water pass out and evaporate and the paint may hinder photosynthesis by blocking absorption of the light energy. Perhaps the plant isn't poisoned but rather that the paint has interfered with the way the leaves work. If you inhibit the function of the leaves you are interfering with the whole plant, including fruit production

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