QUESTION: My son has a seizure disorder.  We live in Canada.  I don t feel the neurologist here is giving him the best care.  Do you think the mayo clinic in Minnesota would be a better route . Or looking here for a second Neurologist , which would take about 3 mths. I just feel something isn t right . I requested a 24 hr eeg and he said he did nt need one. He does drive and im worried .  He is 21 .

ANSWER: Hi Tami,
What a good Mom you are.
I told my kids that it doesn't matter if they are 1 day old or 80 years old, a Mom is always concerned.
Yes, the Mayo Clinic is a very good facility, however, I do not know their expertise in epildpsy.
I have been to the Cleveland Clinic and I was impressed.
Do you think that if you took him to see an "epileptologist" in Canada that would be better.
I only mentioned that speciality because I know that you would be covered under your health care system in Canada and not in the US.  That would probably be very costly to you in the US.

Best of luck to you and son,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: We are going to the mayo clinic Nov. 11 , would you be able to give me a list of questions to ask while we are there. Also which test would be most beneficial?  He has had an mri,ct scan, 1 hr. eeg,blood work all this year . thank you Tami

Hey Tami,
I am certain that you will ask all the right questions and of course, bring all of his records.
The one test that is very useful that he has not had is a 24 hour EEG monitoring.
It is probably the test that will provide the most information as his brain waves will be monitored 24 hours/day for few days during all of his daily and nightly cycles and activities.
Best of luck to both of you.
Let us know the outcome.


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