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Hi Sophia
I wanted to report back to you about our trip to the Mayo Clinic .  My son was diagnosed with generalized epilepsy. They discovered this during a sleep deprived eeg. He is now on lamotrigine twice a day. They were excellent at the mayo clinic  my son was treated like gold . It cost me 2230.00 . That included 3 meetings with 2 neurologists  a sleep deprived eeg that took 2hrs. , an educational session with an RN one on one , a final meeting with one neurologist to discuss all results ,medications etc. All this took 2 days. The flight and hotel was another 1000.00 . We took MRI , Cat scan, and eeg down with us on a disc. I feel it was well wo

rth the money , i would go back there in a split second.  Thank you for all your insight and help while dealing with my sons condition , you have no idea how helpful you have been to me .   Tami

Tami - I am so glad that your son received the very best care.
He is very fortunate in that he is receiving the very best of care from his number 1 Mom.
Tami - you are the greatest mother.  I wish the world were full of Moms like you.  It would be a much better place.


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