hello, my nephew was in a car accident 7 yrs ago, he was in coma for 2 months then  1 yr rehab , he had a seizure last night. The emerg dr. prescribed dilanton 100mg twice a day. Do you think he should go on this medication without even knowing what caused it ? Should he not be eased onto this medication , will the medication not cover up the problem when he goes for his eeg, mri etc. Should he request a 24 hr eeg? sorry so many questions ,


Good Morning Tami,
Thank you for being such a concerned Auntie.
Your questions are absolutely correct.
The emergency room physician has only prescribed Dilantin to your nephew to cover him now so that he will not have another seizure.  That said, usually a first seizure is not treated.  In his situation, however, he has had a major head injury in the past and there is a large probability that he will experience more seizures.
He does, however, now require a complete workup by either an epileptologist or a pediatric neurologist.
He requires MRI, and 24 hour EEG monitoring, and yes, you are right in assuming that the Dilantin will effect his EEG testing, so they may have to taper it when he is tested.
I hope that he starts this evaluation process sooner rather than later as Dilantin is not such as terrific medication for kids..
Good luck to your nephew.


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