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Epilepsy/Seizure during surgery


In 2011, I had a simple procedure on my bladder. I started having seizures on operating table. I have been on lamictal and kepra ever since to prevent more. Does this mean I have epilepsy?

Good Morning Penny,
I cannot give you a definitive answer to your question.
You may have epilepsy and have repeat seizures if medication is not taken, or you may just have a low seizure threshold.  The stress of surgery or the anesthesia may have lowered your seizure threshold and provoked a seizure.
To determine if you do have abnormalities in your brain which would provoke events when there were no stressors, you should have 2 simple tests.  One is an MRI.  This will shows up any structural defects.  Another, is  24 hour video EEG testing done while the medication is being withdrawn, to determine if a brain wave abnormality exists.
If you have this testing done while tapering the medication, it should be done in a hospital for your safety in the event that it produces a large seizure.  The testing runs for a few days and is recording your brain waves 24 hours per day during asleep and awake conditions.  If there is no abnormality while the meds are tapered, you may be able to keep off medication.
I hope that this helps. Good luck.


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