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QUESTION: I have had a mild stroke in2005.every since then ,I have had seizure like episodes. i went couple years and didn't have any episodes at all. this year and part of last year they have been frequent.only the right side of my body is affected.my right arm will start shaking,i get pressure in my head,i stutterand my balance is not so good.i ave had eeg  ct brain wave,  mri done was in hospital couple days.had about four episode's then. they ruled out seizures. other test  were normal.i am a 67 year old female.it has me about crazy not knowing what is wrong. please what are your thought's.

ANSWER: Dear Shirley,
Your events do sound like they may be partial seizures.
Unless you have had an EEG done at the time of an event, it would be difficult to completely rule out seizures.
If I were you, I would opt for a 24 hour EEG monitoring.  This is an EEG that runs for 24 hours/day for a few days and certainly would provide more evidence than a standard EEG.  
This can be done in the hospital or at home with a portable unit.
Since you are so anxious about your condition (I would be also), it would be worth it to have this additional information.
Good luck,

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QUESTION: Thank you so much for your imput.But Ihave already had 24 hour monitoring.They ruled out seizures.Could stress and anxeity do this to my body, and only on one side?

Hi Shirley,
Unless you had one of these events while you were being monitored they do not have all the info.
"Pseudoseizures" is a psychological condition where a person's emotional problems get transformed into seizure-like events.  I do not believe that you have this.  You do not fit the profile.
I also do not believe that stress and anxiety is the cause.
Unfortunately I cannot help you very much with this problem except to suggest that you may want to get a second opinion.
So sorry Shirley.
Please let me know how you made out.
Good luck to you.


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