I have both pseudo and epileptic seizures, my questions are how can someone with the naked eye tell the difference between an epileptic and pseudo seizure? Are there any vitamins/supplements to help with epileptic/pseudo seizures? Im on Keppra for my epileptic seizures but was just curious about some more alternative methods I could also try and do. Also I am wonderingv why it took my body so long to have a seizure on a eeg and video eeg... A nurses assistant told me its because I am in a "safety zone"?! What do that all mean?

Hi Nikki,
First let me apologize for not answering your question quickly.
I have been away for about a week and I forgot to notify the website.
Nikki - there is no way to tell a true epileptic event from a pseudo seizure by observation.  An EEG done during the event is the only diagnostic method.
Unfortunately, there are no supplements known to prevent seizures.  We do know however, that sleep deprivation, excess emotional stress, elevated temperature, alcohol, certain drugs and in some types of epilepsy, flashing lights, can precipitate an event.
I have never heard the term "safety zone".
Because you also have pseudo seizures, which are associated with emotional stress, you may benefit by psychological therapy done by a clinical psychologist - Ph.D with experience in this area.
Good luck Nikki.


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