hello sophie, my son is 22 yrs old and has been on lamotragine , for grand mal seizures , for 1 yr .Alcohal and sleep deprivation originally started the seizures. He does not drink and makes sure he gets lots of sleep,thus.   He had a break through seizure today after waking from a 3 hr. nap after work.He drinks a lot of diet coke, green tea, chews snuff, and smokes marijuana.So this question seems almost ridiculous but, would the next step be cutting out these other possible triggers first and see what happens or go for a 24 hr eeg , or change medication ? thank you

Hello Tami,
Nicotine & caffeine are strongly suggestive as seizure triggers.  The story is still not resolved as to marijuana.  There are components of marijuana that can inhibit seizures and also components  that can provoke seizures.
Send him back to his neuro.  Perhaps he needs a medication adjustment.  Obviously, he should go easy with caffeine and nicotine, or better still, eliminate them.


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