Hello, I was diagnosed with Epilepsy in 2012.
It has been 2 years and I am 17.
Here in my country, I'm going to have a really big examination this year. So, I was one of those brightest kids. WAS. Hehe.

I noticed that when I'm on my period, my seizures become more frequent than always. So, how do I overcome it?

I had my tonic clonic seizures only when I study, especially mathematics. I had one in mathematics class. And alot when I do mathematics exercises at home. My first generalised seizure also when I was doing it. And also I had one when I was studying Biology in my room alone.

Yeah, I kind of study alot, more over I'm on the science stream.
Not long ago, I decided that if those jerks come, I will stop studying for a while since I know, if I didn't stop, the jerks will developed into a generalised seizure. But I don't know, am I doing it right? How do I study, really? I can't waste my time like this.

Anyway, I have a juvenile myoclonic epilepsy. Not inherited. Plus, my MRI didnt show any weird result. I'm so curious how do Epilepsy suddenly developed in my case..

Oh, and how do I tolerate with stress? Well, I'm having a hard time. My mom is always sick. My dad was involved in a car accident, his hand joints was crashed pretty badly. He's going to be in the hospital ward for like 3 or 5 months. My older sister is studying away from home. Me, myself, have alot of things to do since I have exams coming and it's my last year in high school. Lot of things to think and to do, moreover I have two more sisters. I helped them with their studies and yeah, well, I know there are a lot more people who suffering more than me. But yeah, this happens too quickly and suddenly that sometimes I don't know what to do and burst into tears. No idea why. So, can you give me some advice on how to tolerate stress?

Well I think that's way too long. Okay that's all. Hmm, sorry for any grammar errors, English isn't my native language. And sorry for this, too long, unnecessary talks. I'm a little shy with my doctor, and I'm not the type who talk alot with anyone. That's why I'm asking you lol. Hope you don't mind. Thank you :)

Hello Sarah,
I believe that you have three questions.
The first deals with your monthly cycle and increased seizures.
The second is about studying and increased seizures.
The third is how can you lesson your stress?

I think that between your neurologist and your gynecologist, they may be able to get you on a medication that would adjust your cycle so that seizure activity is lessened.

The only factor that may increase seizures during studying would be eye movements.
If you read an ordinary book, do you also get an increase in seizures?

Yes - stress is a definite factor in seizure control.
You can try a type of meditation called "mindfulness", or other forms of meditation.  
You can try psychotherapy by someone with excellent credentials.
You can also try yoga.

This is all very difficult for you.  It is difficult enough to be your age and you have the added problem of epilepsy and ill parents.
It would be good if you could find a physician or nurse with whom you could talk to help you solve your problems.
You do need some help with this.  It is too difficult to do this alone.

Good luck Sarah.
Please let me know how you are doing.


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