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I'm an Episcopalian but have been going to a Catholic church now for almost 4 years, i attend my church at least once a month sense i have moved to a different state. So here is my question, I always notice the beautiful statues in the catholic church i attend and often wonder if any of the Episcopal churches have any type of religious statues? I know that ours do not. What about maybe other Episcopal churches in other countries?

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Those Episcopal parishes that identify themselves as "Anglo Catholic" often have statues of the Virgin Mary and the saints.  As this indicates, there is a part of the Episcopal Church that feels close in worship style and theology to the Roman Catholic church.  There are also parishes that identify more with our Protestant heritage.  The Episcopal Church in the United States incorporates many different traditions of worship.  I remember my trip to England, when I visited many of the ancient cathedrals.  They are often decorated with intricate gargoyles and other finials.  Of course, the cathedrals have tombs and crypts that are adorned with images of the knights and highly placed individuals buried there.  I was very impressed with Westminster Abbey, and the many statues of famous people.  Of course, these are not the same as statues of the saints that are venerated in Catholic worship, but they are an example of Anglican and Episcopal use of statues.  I agree that there is something beautiful and comforting about contemplating religious statuary.  In the Episcopal Church it is not as much a tradition, though, as in the Catholic church, unless you find a very high Anglo-Catholic parish.


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