Can you tell me how to properly dispose of an unusable Bible? I was walking for exercise when I fund a Bible (KJV) that had been thrown out by the roadside. After being exposed to the elements, in was unreadable. I could only tell it was a Bible from the book headings. Since I live in the U.S. I was thinking for having friend burn it when he (respectfully) burns flags. Would that be appropriate?



I went online and asked the question, and got several links that say reverent burial or burning are the two options if the Bible absolutely can't be repaired or given away for use somewhere else.  I was interested in whether there was an Episcopal liturgy or prayer to accompany such disposal.  The one experienced priest who I asked said that it was a question he had not found the answer to, as he had several such Bibles.  I emailed the Church Publishing Company, publisher of Bibles and prayer books for the Episcopal Church.  I also emailed another priest on the staff of the national church.  I have asked for an email of your question, and if I get a better answer from either source I will share it with you.  John


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