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What is the unpardonable sin?  In the past, I have foolishly lashed out at the Holy Ghost and cursed him but I am truly sorry for this and repented of these sins and I am very fearful that I committed the unpardonable sin.  Could you please shed some light on this matter?  God bless you, David s


May the Wise Lord bless you greatly! Many people ask about the unpardonable sin and perhaps the simplest answer to the question "have I committed it?" is the following. If you had committed the unforgivable sin then your conscience would be so seared and damaged that it would never occur to you to even ask so simply by asking you can be sure that you have not.

Repentance, David, is not often a 'flash in the pan' thing but it is a process, as we pray and study, as we listen attentively,perhaps spending time in quiet meditation, then we are led to become more and more like Him who saved us.

I suggest, David, that you take the time to quietly meditate, speak with your priest or minister, read and strive to be more Christ-like every day.

Yours In Him who loves us

Father Ray McIntyre


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