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Erectile Dysfunction/Difficulties with Erections


Tryingtohelp wrote at 2012-07-06 08:46:21
A lot of doctors say it's psychological when ED appears but here's what I found out personally to improve my situation.  I'm 25 years old and have had ED when I stand up, it just get soft fast, and my erection in general just started to suck.  Nothing was really working, and guess what, it's not psychological.  Reason being is cause I still was and wanted to have sex with women, any cutie walking by, there was no nervousness it just didn't erect fully.

Here's what seemed to work.

SLEEP more. I was only doing like 3-6 hours of sleep.  

Stop masterbaiting for awhile.  Just do it.

I also tried some herbal stuff to help erections.  Like Duramax.  Why not right.

I also stopped working out so hard.  I am a personal trainer, and I found erections also came back from giving my body rest for exercise itself.

So there you have it.  I think the biggest problem with people saying its psychological is that it just builds it's own hype without being really there.  

My best advice is to make sure everything you do, and I mean everything, is within what society deems healthy (aka 8 hours or more of sleep, some exercise but not over doing it, lots of water, no excessive masterbation)  Then you can start getting freaked out if you are doing all that normally.

Roxanne wrote at 2013-04-08 06:31:40
I'm a Nurse Practitioner, but I'm not going to speak from that standpoint, as it seems you have explored your medical options. In my own personal experience, tall guys have more difficulty with strong erections than short guys. I do believe this must have something to do with vascular issues, but not anything that could be fixed by various vascular surgeries. Just knowing that your erection is better standing up is great! I'm sure blood pressure meds or Viagra would help too. As far as the fishy smell, typically bacterial infection can cause a oftentimes fishy sell, but ALL genital secretions have a unique kind of light fishy odor, I other words, they are not odorless and unique to each person. Cipro is a biggun antibiotic. It really sounds like you had more of a placebo effect. I believe tall guys have more difficulty with this in general, but this doesn't have to be a bad thing

Try some Viagra, get a girlfriend willing to have crazy awkward sex standing up. Men put so much pressure on themselves over sexual performance when all of this pressure is uneccesary. We are ALL both male and female on the inside..

Erectile Dysfunction

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