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While answering a question about other areas of practice within the field of ergonomics is within my expertise (after all, I work with these people as part of collaborative projects), answering questions about what college you should go to or what level of study would be best for you is outside of my capabilities. I would recommend contacting a few schools and asking for informational interviews with some of the professors who teach the specific courses of study that you are interested in or talking to the university's guidance department. They would be able to tell you more about the various programs available specific to your interests, based on length of study, in your country of preference.
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OK doctor  , I m afraid annoying you , I read on ergonomics field and cognitive science , but I observed it is mostly related to bio mechanics , also I felt that I have to use CAD programs on my work and design , also if you mind let me know whats the qualification and requirements needed to apply for any ergonomics program , last thing on brief let me know its difference on compare with engineering psychology and human factor

thanks and best regards for your concern and efforts

ANSWER: Hello. Sorry for the delay, I was away.
No, you don't have to use CAD a lot in ergonomics depending on where you work but yes, we deal with bio mechanics (human factors is part of ergonomics and visa verse). You can enter the field of ergo through a wide variety of professions or directly study ergonomics and human factors. Ergonomics professionals can be from engineering, medical, safety, industrial hygiene backgrounds so the length and type of base education requirements varies widely.

Again to simplify: HF is about the interactions of humans with something (tool, task, machine) including the bio mechanics, psychology, engineering, administrative influences, etc.. Engineering psychology is more focused on the study of why people interact in certain ways and how that "why" influences design.

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QUESTION: thank you sir for your effort and cooperation

but unfortunately , I still confuse between ergo-HF-ENG/PSY  , I didn't know which is suit my skills and knowledge , I tried to contact HFES organization to find my country chapter but no one reply me , I need someone assessing my knowledge , career purpose and qualification aid me choosing the best which enable me to find the right program

Here is the link to the International Ergonomics Association website list of global societies: If your country doesn't have one you can still contact one closer to you than the US.
It sounds like you really need to sit down with someone and have a long discussion about your strengths and weaknesses and your goals for the future.  


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