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I am a 36 yr old man and I am 100% passionate about becoming a part of that world and serving the greater good of others.. How can I get my foot in the door?

Hello Delton,
I think the "AllEXPERTS" folks use the term espionage generically.
There are all kinds of activity that uses these type methods, from military (DIA) to CIA to Industrial Intell etc.
My field of expertise has to do with 'covert operations' in a law enforcement environment.
Undercover ops in police work is an extension of other conventional investigative techniques.
Typically Vice, Narc, Intell, and other type crimes where it is practical to employ undercover officers, (and ''cooperating persons...aka directed Informants)
There are various levels of undercover work, and usually the longer or deeper the covert ops, the more involved it gets, with exponentially increased costs.

If you have an interest in Police type covert ops, you have to first hire on as a uniformed officer...typically, be off of new hire probation for consideration.
If your interests are in federal law enforcement, you'll need to hurry, as I don't think they accept applications after age 37 has been attained.

If you check out some of the various sites, like DIA, and CIA you will get a feel, for what they are looking for, and hiring criteria,
For city, county or state police agencies, you'll need to get hired, trained and distinguish yourself at the entry level positions, prior to being considered for a special assignment.

Hope this is helpful,

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