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anonymous wrote at 2012-11-26 23:33:39
Dear Faith,

Loren is pretty on par and has given you a lot of good advice...however, people like "Black Widow" and "Ethan Hawk" do not exist. There are to ways to become part of espionage. Legal and Illegal, first the legal way. Do good in school like 3.8 or higher, travel see the world become multi-culture, and limit yourself to nothing. If your what their looking for then they will find you (thats how OGA's like CIA, MI6, and IIS find their operators). You can apply for these positions but chances are that they won't give you the position that you are looking for. Second, illegally typically this way comes with consequences and is not recommended. If you do it the illegal way you have to set yourself apart from other criminals and even then that doesn't guarantee you a position with an agency. If you do decide to chase this avenue in life you have to realize what your giving up. You will never have a family. If you do have a family, you have just put their lives at risk. You will never have friends, you will constantly question everyone's loyalty. You will never have a good night of sleep, you will always be paranoid. If you feel like someone is out to kill you, its because they are. A man was arrested on the border of Pakistan for spying, no country claimed him. He ended up spending 15 yrs in a Pakistaning prison. The country that employs you will not support you if you get caught, in fact they will deny your existence. These are thing you have to be aware of, and things you have to be willing to sacrifice. It's not romantic and not even close to what Hollywood portrays. I personally think you are to young to dedicate to that type of life style. Be a kid and go to college cure cancer or something, leave that stuff to the people who are soulless and heartless.  

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