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I told the same American man that you should only marry American women that can properly present them selves abroad for the same reason US Diplomats that work for the US State Department (US federal government) can. He has one son from a previous marriage, that his ex wife abandoned with him. His ex wife American women was a horrible mother. He asked my why I knew his second wife an American women is such a good mother to his son from a previous marriage. I told him, that a European (German) women told me that his second American wife would be allowed to work unsupervised with small children in Europe (example Belgium and Germany). It is very difficult to find an American woman that can, but there are some that can. It is very easy for a European (German) women to determine that. His wife is 22 years old (born in 1990) and has two small permanent tattoos on her body that can be easily hidden. I also told him that she would raise his American baby new born daughter in the same close nit family structure of the 1950ís properly under official Italian rules. This means that his American baby new born daughter should also be able to properly present her self abroad for the same reason US diplomats that work for the US State Department (US federal government) can when she becomes an adult. His wife has a very good relationship with her biological father, who has been married to her American mother for more than 20 years.

The point of the story is that the American wife (born in 1990) of my American friend and his American daughter (born in 2012), has the skills to live and work in Europe (would be liked in Belgium) for the same reason that American diplomats that work for the American Embassy in Brussels can. The reason why I know that is because a European woman told me so. The same European mother also told her son and me that, 90 percent of American women can not be trusted and can not live in Europe with there behavior and mentality and are a piece of crap. This is 100 percent because of the way she was raised by her mother when she was a infant/toddler/child. You as a person have no control over how you are raised by your parents when you are an infant/toddler/child.

I'm not sure of the point here.  There are clearly cultural differences and different people, even in Europe will have different viewpoints.  

I believe that I have responded to this question in the past, it seems very much like one I recieved a year ago or so.  

I believe that you need to have a more open mind, we all have the capacity to learn and adapt. Perhaps you need to allow these people the time to do so.  Changing cultures is not easy and takes time.  I've known people who never adapt on both sides of the pond.  


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