Even if one happens to be agnostic, or perhaps even an atheist, one is able to recognize the dignity of human life and the principle of ‘stewardship’.  How does one argue for this principle without recourse to religion?


One can argue this from multiple standpoints.  One view is that "morality" is based on religious views even if one is agnostic or an atheist.  People do not grow up on a desolate island and encounter family, friends and society that utilize religion as a basis for morality.  Therefore, every person encounters those views during their development.

Another view is that regardless of religion, we still have moral thoughts.  If the main goal of humanity is preservation, doing the right thing pervades so that we can survive in a copacetic manner.  This would be the agnostic or atheistic reason for "doing unto others as you would want them to do unto you" because it helps us all get along with respect and dignity.

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