Hello Mr. Tucker. Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer my question. My situation at the time is that I have an assignment to complete in reference to ethics due this next Thursday, and I having a hard time because my books for this class will not arrive on time to complete this activity. Can you help to find good sources of information in which I could answer the following questions:

What is Plato򳠮otion of justice and how does it conflict with that of Thrasymachus?

In light of this debate, what do you think is the purpose of right conduct? In other words, why be moral? Delineate at least two reasons why people should live by a moral code.

thank you

   I don't usually help with homework, but I'll point you in the right direction.  Plato emphasized the importance of justice by proposing that doing injustice harmed one's soul.  Thrasymachus seems to have held that justice serves only the politically strong within a society, indicating that doing injustice might be dangerous to one's life and limb.  Your school library will have books about these men.  What we have from Thrasymachus on the subject is what we think Plato wrote about Th's. opinions.  We have nothing from Th's. himself.
   The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy is a credible source in these matters, as a rule.  Good luck.

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As a former United Methodist pastor, I think I am qualified to address the issue of right and wrong. I believe some things are wrong, and some are right. Some actions may be right, but for the wrong reason. And some persons undertake wrong actions for a right reason.


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