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Ethics/Christmas gifts


I bought itune gift cards for the 4 kids in our family. without thinking then I realized my 6 yr old niece doesn't have an ipad! They are worth $10 each.. My husband thinks I should go ahead and give it to her and then the family can always give hers to her brother and give her ten dollars.
I was thinking maybe I should go out and get another $10 gift card for her to somewhere else?

   Sorry to be so slow answering.  Either course is ethically sound.  The gift card to another store might be the kinder choice, but there is no real ethical difference between your approach and your husband's.

Wayne Tucker


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As a former United Methodist pastor, I think I am qualified to address the issue of right and wrong. I believe some things are wrong, and some are right. Some actions may be right, but for the wrong reason. And some persons undertake wrong actions for a right reason.


I was a United Methodist pastor from 1988 until the summer of 2010. I spent 6 years as an industrial Chemist. I have raised 2 kids. I have worked with youth for several years.

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