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good day
wanted to find out if there is any studies or evidence to show whether or not people who are ethical (particularly people following the golden rule), have less negative experiences and events affecting them in life and vice versa. That is people who are less ethical have much more bad things happening to them.
Is there any correlation?

   I am aware of no such studies.  I am not certain how the study could be conducted.  There are so many subjective variables.  My own experience teaches me that there may be a slight correlation, but it is more likely due to the general positive attitude of people who are ethical.  Even if there is a correlation, that does not demonstrate cause and effect.  I think the world treats everyone the same.  Hurricanes do not distinguish whose houses they will knock down.  Flooding is indiscriminate to all it the path.  Blizzards, earthquakes, volcanoes, typhoons, tsunami, wild fires; none of these pick and choose.
   Now, in contrast to natural calamities, there are our own chose personal and interpersonal actions.  These probably have the strongest correlation, and perhaps cause and effect does exist in this sphere of life.  For instance, over the last 12 months fully 85% of shooting victims in Indianapolis had criminal records themselves.  Who we associate with, and the activities in which we participate, have a large influence on our quality of life.
   That said, I still know of no studies that address your question.  Perhaps you should conduct one.  I can help with the design, if you wish.



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As a former United Methodist pastor, I think I am qualified to address the issue of right and wrong. I believe some things are wrong, and some are right. Some actions may be right, but for the wrong reason. And some persons undertake wrong actions for a right reason.


I was a United Methodist pastor from 1988 until the summer of 2010. I spent 6 years as an industrial Chemist. I have raised 2 kids. I have worked with youth for several years.

M. Div, Christian Theological Seminary (Indianapolis), 1991

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