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Why do I receive automated phone calls at 0800 almost everyday telling me to "you must call Jack Marshall now". Needless to say we are tired of this. If someone is using your name, I'm certain that you don't approve either. I fit's you please stop.

Dear David: I have no idea why, and if even you are contacting every one of the estimated 300 or so "Jack Marshalls" in the U.S. to ask them this insulting question, I particularly resent you asking it of ME. Last I checked, "Marshall" was one of the top 50 most common names in the U.S., and Jack is a very common nickname for "John", though not in my case (I'm a real Jack). You think the most likely candidate for mysterious harassing phone calls is a lawyer and nationally recognized ethicist? Good theory. Why not my Dad, Jack Marshall Sr., a decorated WWII hero..maybe he's the one harassing you. Or maybe it's the Jack Marshall who wrote the theme song to "The Munsters," or the poet Jack Marshall. They "use my name" too, because it's also their name. And I use theirs. And none of us can do anything about it.

The bottom line is that your question is disingenuous and unethical, not to mention dumb, and doesn't belong on this site, which is designed to help people and not provide them targets for unprovoked insinuations. Yours is an accusation without any justification or logic behind it: if I am not making the calls, how exactly would I know why you are getting them?

You can send your abject apology to THIS Jack Marshall at, and you can learn why making random unfounded accusations is wrong, not to mention annoying, at my ethics commentary website, Other than that contact, I don't care to hear from you again, and I'll tell any other Jack Marshalls I meet to avoid you as well.

I hope that answers your question.


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Jack Marshall is President of ProEthics, LTD. and a trainer, lecturer, writer and consultant on a wide range of ethics issues, including day-to-day ethics issues, personal relationships, workplace ethics (including sexual harassment and discrimination of all kinds), management ethics, financial ethics, professional ethics (including law, accounting, fiduciary, medical, and dental), ethics in the arts, politics, and government, and many more. He is an attorney, a published writer ("The Essential Words and Writings of Clarence Darrow" with Ed Larson, a playwright, and an award-winning stage director as well as his primary profession as an ethicist. Can advise on ethics of accepting personal gifts from bosses or colleagues for good performances at jobs; reporting friends, relatives for drug trafficking, animal abuse, or theft; tape-recording friends or acquaintances; responding to sexual advances from spouses, children, or lovers of friends or relatives; whether to reveal hurtful betrayals to close friends and relatives; sharing credit for good ideas, or blame for bad acts or decisions. Also professional and business ethics, government, journalism and politics.


I have created and facilitated over 250 ethics seminars in law, accounting, workplace, associations, non-profits, state, national and local government. For 6 years I have been the primary author of "The Ethics Scoreboard," an ethics resource and opinion website, and now write a daily ethics commentary blog, "Ethics Alarms." I have been a regular ethics columnist for O Magazine and Menz magazine, and regularly discuss ethics issues on TV and radio. I have been a lawyer, teacher, manager, entrepreneur, actor, playwright, writer, humorist, prosecutor, publisher, researcher, marketer, father, and husband.

President, ProEthics LTD The Massachusetts Bar The DC Bar The American Continuing Legal Education Association The American Century Theater (Board, co-founder and Artistic Director)

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I served in the administration of Georgetown Law Center for seven years and was an adjunct professor of legal ethics at the Washington College of Law at American University in Washington, DC. I am graduate of Harvard college (BA) and Georgetown Law Center(JD).

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