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Lori wrote at 2011-10-18 06:29:06
Having grown up on Harkers Island, and my parents, grandparents, etc. also, I would like to expand on the definition as it can have countless meanings. Mommicked generally means aggravated to the greatest extent possible, especially with "Pure T" preceding it. A milder version would be used after arguing with a child about what they're wearing, hearing a curse word while they're playing with others or any similar situation. In this case, it would likely be said to oneself as "Lord, ain't I mommicked". It would be impossible to describe all of the various situations and degree of seriousness in which it would be used.  

davy wrote at 2013-03-12 06:16:30
lord god honey yungerns ain't i been mommicked this've had the crap aggrivated out of you.commercial fishing can cause you to use this phrase quite

G.B. wrote at 2015-02-17 02:33:29
My Grandmother and Mother used mommick. It means to 'mess up' or 'ruin'. She and my mother Used it to chastise. I don't use it anymore but I am sure my Sister has used it on her kids a few times. My Grandmother was Scotch-Irish and Native American.

Here are some sentences to give you an idea of how it was used.

"I told you not to mommick in that!" or "What are you mommicking in?"

Etymology (Meaning of Words)

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