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David wrote at 2014-10-26 03:17:29
The 16th century Machiavellian ostrich feather fashion style that was a sign of status also influenced this since pimps in the American ghettos used to be quite flamboyant with hat with feathers in them and bold colored clothes of dress and vehicles. there was also a walk that was called "pimpin" that mimicked a strut similar to the mating rituals of birds or rosters. I grew up in the 70's in the ghettos of Detroit Michigan

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I can answer questions related to the meaning of most English words, the etymology of such, and the meaning and etymology of names (both forenames and surnames). I am familiar with Latin, Semitic languages (Hebrew and Arabic), and most Romance languages. I can perform Latin and Spanish translations; however, I will not do so if your translation happens to be your homework, in which case you should do it yourself. I cannot perform Hebrew and Arabic translations. My specialties are legal terms, ecclesiastical terms (those relating to religion), and names. For most names, I can provide a nationality and meaning.


I have been a student of Latin for several years, studied Spanish extensively, studied Etymology through mastery of foreign language, and am familiar with the historical, religious, and cultural influence related to language and etymology. I am especially familiar with legal terms and ecclesiastical terms.

I am currently a student of philosophy. My study of philosophy has been a major factor in learning languages and etymology.

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