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QUESTION: What is the origin of the following words: kaftans, kimono, choli, sari, churidar, sharara, kurti, kurta, chadar, chous, dhoti, lehngas and langguti.

ANSWER: Hello,  I hope that you're having a fine week,
     The number of word requests exceeds the available time but I'll be happy to supply the etymology of 5 words:
   Caftan (sp) The caftan, the long tunic worn in Turkey is from the Turkish/Arabic word qaftan  and the Persian khaftan all meaning the same;  a long cloth covering for  outerwear.
   Kimono is from the Japanese word 'kimono' meaning 'a thing put on'   Ki means 'wear' + mono means 'thing'
    Choli , a short-sleeved blouse worn under a sari, is from the Hindi word for bodice or blouse.
    Sari, the long wrapped garment worn by Hindu women, is from the Sanskrit word 'sati' meaning garment or petticoat.
    A chador, the shawl worn by Muslim women, is from the Persian word 'chadar' meaning tent, scarf, veil, sheet or table-cloth.
    The very best to you always,   CP


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi, I hope you won't mind me asking you another question. Actually I did try to find out myself but all my efforts done turned out to be vain. Well, I wanted to know when and why in fact these words entered mauritian kreol? Waiting hopefully.

Sorry for the delay, I've been on vacation.
    My specialty is etymology;  the origins of English words and phrases.
I'm so sorry but I think you'll need an expert in Mauritian Kreol for the answer.  I hope there's a good website or two on the Internet.  Good luck and   The best to you always,   CP

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