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How does one come up with new words in the vocabulary?
Is there a process and how does one show that one was the first to come up with this word?


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    This question reached me just now (3/14) but apparently was sent a long time ago.  I don't know why it was delayed but I'm glad it finally arrived.
    The best ways I know to get the creative literary juices flowing are:
         Reading books of substance;  not only the classics but new books that have been well received by respected critics.
         Converse with people who possess creative language skills you admire and who have the ability to stimulate your imagination and word skills.
         Listen to authors' interviews on educational media.  CSPAN often features authors talking in detail about the books and/or articles they've written.  
         Pop culture (commericail TV, movies, Internet,etc.) is entertaining but too much of it may overload your circuits and replace the quality material you want to enter your brain.
         Maintain a diary and discipline yourself to make an entry every day.  You might describe one or two people you've encountered during the day.  What did you talk about?  Where did you meet?  Describe your surroundings, the weather,your mood, etc.  
         Someone once said , if you don't keep your oar in the water, the boat won't go.  And, that's true of expanding your language and word skills.  If you're not exposed to the written and spoken word, you're not likely to enrich your vocabulary.
         As far as your 2nd question is concerned,  if you have coined what you believe  is a new word (neologism) you might enter a contest that looks for invented words:  the Washington Post has  had a weekend contest of that sort for years.
         Good luck and the very best to you always,   CP  

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