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QUESTION: was it fair for the allies to heap the blame of causing the world war and destruction caused on germany?

ANSWER: Can you please be more specific?
Are we speaking of the first war war, WWI, first of all? (I want to assume so, but I want to make sure).
Are you simply speaking of the ethical blame or the financial obligations of the Versailles treaty? etc.

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QUESTION: am asking about the first world war and in terms of blame am asking genarally.thank you for the effort you showing .

Germany was certainly one of the aggressors in causing WWI. The first shots were shot by the Austro-Hungarian Empire and as soon as the Entente countries responded, Germany found it opportune to jump into the game. France and England had oversees colonies, and so did the Netherlands and other European countries. Germany had very limited colonial presence, in Central Africa basically and thirsted for expansion. Its industry was surpassing that of England by 1914 and it felt closed in by the British navy in its own northern waters. England had extensive influence in the Middle East, from Egypt to Persia, and Germany countered that with an open courting towards the Ottoman Turks. Russia on the other hand, while not an oversees colonial power it had colonized and soon absorbed into its dominion the vast land masses of Siberia down to the Pacific Ocean, having relinquished its North American Alaska dominions to the USA. Germany envied the vast agriculturally rich lands of Poland and the Ukraine and saw them as a natural place to extend its frontiers and acquire new land mass for its militarist minded Prussian Junkers.
Did Germany cause the war? Technically no. Could it have stopped it. Most probably, by applying pressure to Vienna, yes. Did Germany seek or want or this war to happen? Most definitely yes. All the pre-war positioning and shifting alliances point to that direction. Were the British, the French and the Russians as guilty of causing this war? For the same reasons that Germany wanted this war to happen, the Entente did not want it but were happy to enter into it for the opposite reasons: in order to crush Germany and its Europe dominating and colonial ambitions.

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