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Iím Matt. Right now, Iím working on an argumentative paper I was assigned in my English course (I attend the local community college). The first part of the assignment is to pick a topic. Iíve considered different topics that interest me and would make a suitable, veritable paper.

One of the ideas I had was to write about ďOperation Last Chance,Ē the last-ditch effort to find Nazi war criminals that are just a bunch of old geezers today. The existing debate is whether or not itís a worthwhile allocation of time, money, and resources trying to chase a bunch of worn-out duffers that are going to die any day now. One side is that that money could be better spent promoting awareness of anti-Semitism or to fight holocaust denial. The other side is that these men did horrifically evil things and need to be brought to justice, by imprisonment or death.

The paper length is six to eight pages (which based on my experience isnít nearly as bad as it sounds). Are there enough resources out there for my research? Is there enough to discuss that would last eight pages?

Thanks a lot! I very much look forward to hearing from you.


I got to say I think you could find a better topic. The youngest wwii vets have to be over 85 now, and the youngest ones could hardly have been serious enough war criminals to hunt down. I mean do you really want to prosecute an guy for following (admittedly horrible) orders when he was just a kid himself? When he already has a foot in the grave!?

And you ask whether they're enough resources to research this topic. I don't really know what you are going to research. Your whole paper would be about how awful the bad acts were vs how much good could be done otherwise. I mean there's a limited amount of factual information that could be brought to bear on this argument. Its chiefly emotional, isn't it?

You could find actuarial data to see how many of these guys are likely to be still alive, I guess. How much such efforts have cost in the past. I suppose you could look for people to say how much antisemetism there still is or how pernicious holocaust denial is. How much it costs to raise awareness or to educate.

I don't know. I think you could find a better topic.  

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