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Hello I am writing a story set in 1660s Paris (either 1664 or 1668 as they are to attend one of the fetes at Versailles) and am having trouble finding information on everyday life, such as food, daily routines, how they entertained themselves, manners/ etiquette, anything like that, mainly limited to the wealthy but not nobility.  Any help you could give me would be great, thank you.


There is a book called "Le tableau de Paris" written by Sébstien Lemercier in 1781-1788 that could help you.  It talks about everyday life in Paris, how it worked, how the society is organized, etc.  Even if it's 100 years after your story, it was basically the same in 1664-1668.  He talks about all kinds of different people, not just the poor or nobility. For sure there is an English translation somewhere if you don't read French.  Also, if you can read Memoirs from people of the time, or even from people in the 18th century, that could help you for sure.

Hope this helps!  Don't hesitate if you have other questions,


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