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European History/Video Footage Of Germany (1919-1946). Where can I find it?


Dear Mr. Kamin,

I've recently become interested in World War II, and I'm looking for a website that allows one to download footage of Germany during 1919 to the aftermath of world war II (~1946).

However, most videos on youtube that have these videos either have annoying watermarks or names printed onto the video, or have been uploaded by neo-nazis and have distasteful music played with the audio.

Please respond with a link to a website which provides footage (preferably in colour) of the aforementioned time period. Since there isn't any copyright attached to these videos it shouldn't be hard, but I still can't find such a website unfortunately.

Thank you.

Hello Ryan,

I apologize for this delayed reply. The notification from Allexperts was sent to the wrong email file.

Thank you for your question.

This link from the British Library lists online newsreel archives: which I think will be helpful.

Included is this: with this discription:

"This is an archive of the German Deutsche Wocheschau newsreel. Over 6,000 stories have been made available to date, with additional material going back to 1895 and up to 1990. There is English language as well as German text, but unfortunately little informastion is given on the newsreels and the image quality is very low (and requires Windows Media Player).  It is great that such important newsreel content has been made available in this way, but the site could and should be so much better than it is."

Not a ringing endorsement, but the website itself explains that it's a work in progress.

On the British Pathe site (also on the list) is this: which focuses on Hitler himself, but films on German events generally are available. Now, it appears that these films may be downloaded, but not for free. Further, these films have not been colorized. However, I would recommend the 2009 series WWII in HD Color, most - if not all - of which is on YouTube. Here's the first episode:

That series uses footage originally filmed in color, rather than colorized versions of black and white footage. The series is not German-centric but may be useful to you, especially the first episode which focuses on pre-war Germany.

I do hope this is helpful, Ryan. My enthusiastic best wishes on pursuing your interest. (Coincidentally, I just watched a fine documentary last night on the Battle of Britain.) If I can assist further please let me know.

Thank you,


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