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Hello! What are economic characteristics of the second industrial revolution in britain? I was thinking something along the lines of gold standard, but I was not sure if that was right. Furtuermore, what were two potential paths during La Belle Epoche (the time right before WWI) which faced socialists who wanted change? I was thinking revolutionary socialism and reforming socialism, but i wasn't sure. Thank you!!

Hi Neha,

I'll be glad to help with your question.

I would say that some of the characteristics were...

1) The widespread use of steam power (steam engines) for manufacturing

2) Manufacturing being transferred from homes to factories

3) The introduction of mass production made possible by machines

4) The introduction of faster transportation for people and products - specifically the train.

Regarding socialists before WWI, I would say that two challenges confronting the movement were...

1) Getting workers in different countries to put aside nationalism and to unify around the interests common to all workers

2) Yes, revolutionary socialism vs. reform socialism, in the sense of figuring out whether to try to foment an actual revolution (which would happen in Russia in 1917), or to produce change through more traditional practices - like being elected into a government or by adopting social welfare policies (like Germany, which was a pioneer in doing so).

I hope that this helps, Neha!

- Marc  

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