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hi there, I'm not sure if u can answer this, but I heard a story about Hitler & some people, one of which was a woman, who were with Hitler spending time - I believe - on a balcony at his mountain getaway house somewhere in the Bavarian region. The story was, that there was some kind of strange light phenomena in the sky that all of them where observing. The woman was upset upon observing this light phenomena & turned to Hitler telling him that it's a warning of something negative is going to happen to the world. Hitler responds by saying something like, if death & destruction is going to happen then let it happen.

Hi Dan,

I can't say that I've heard that particular story nor could I find an account of it online. There are plenty of writers who have speculated about Hitler's interest in the occult, alien technology, and UFOs, but I haven't found anything matching the detail of the story that you're asking about, unfortunately. If there were lots of witnesses - as the story indicates - we might expect there would be more corroboration of it, like for example in the diaries of people who were there. Dr. Goebbles, for one, was a meticulous diarist. If he was present, he could be expected to write about it, but there's nothing in his diary about it (of course maybe he wasn't present at the event). In any case, the Berghof - which was Hitler's mountain retreat in Bavaria - was meant to be a secure location. I have to think that if there were strange lights flying around Hitler would have been fairly annoyed and would likely have lit into Goering for not having the airspace secure. Hitler would probably consider the strange lights to be Ally technology rather than something alien, in my view. The final point is that Hitler knew that he was going to start a war. Meaning, he didn't need strange lights to suggest to him that death and destruction would be happening: he was PLANNING to cause death and destruction. The story seems to present Hitler as a fatalist who had no agency in how his future was shaped. In fact, Hitler was a control-freak and tried to manage everything about himself and his future. Therefore, I don't think he would passively accept an omen coming from odd lights about death and destruction when, again, death and destruction were exactly what he planned to inflict when conquering new territory.

So, for what it's worth, Dan, for these reasons I personally doubt the accuracy of this story.

I hope that this helps!

- Marc  

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